Reaction Unit: Bench Top

Modular Design
All stock model reaction vessels share common and interchangeable parts, you do not need to purchase a whole set for altering configurations of your reaction unit (e.g.: vessel size, condenser, dropping funnel, flush valve, etc.).All reactors in this series utilize identical diameter to height ratio and footprint allowing the same cover and height-adjustable stand to be used as configuration changes.

High Precision Temperature Control
Leak Proof Valve Technology

Capacity Options: 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000ml
Reactor Options: Double Wall; Jacketed, Triple-Walled
Operating Pressure: -1 bar g (Full Vacuum) to +0.5bar G (+0.05 MPa)
Operating Temperature: -90 °C to +230 °C
ΔT: 110 °C (Double-Wall), 60 °C (Triple-Wall)

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