Reaction Unit: Pilot Plant

Array of Vessel Designs to choose from.

Jacket Options: Double Wall; Jacketed, Triple Wall
Operating Pressure: -1bar g(Full Vacuum) to + 0.5bar g(+0.05Mpa)
Operating Temperature: -90°C to + 230 °C
ΔT = 110°C(Double Wall), = 60°C(Triple Wall)

Double Walled Reactor
Compact, multifunctional, baffled jackets offer optimum thermal conveyance no other brand can provide. Consistent and durable stir motors and multi-port reactor lids provide flexible process configuration capabilities with industry leading durability.

Triple Walled Reactor
Vacuum jacket insulated reactors with baffled inner thermal control fluid jackets offer unwavering temperature stability, control and energy efficiency.
Triple wall jacketed solutions provide operators the greatest breadth of thermal control while maintaining process visibility, even at cryogenic temperatures.

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