SciPhy Systems scales botanical ingredient manufacturers across the world. We work with future focused clients to combine the best in contemporary technology with the science of phytochemistry. SciPhy Systems implements efficient, pragmatic, and future-compliant infrastructure for emerging industry leaders.

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Comprehensive Services

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SciPhy Systems provides tools, technologies, and methodologies to ensure your botanicals business establishes a competitive edge in the markets of present and the future. Our team of grounded futurists believes that long term success is defined by the efficiency, quality, and safety standards of your manufacturing infrastructure. If your team is focused on excellence, innovation, automation, sustainability, and forward compliance we want to help. We enable industry leadership by providing tools and techniques that are fully compatible and compliant with future consumer and regulatory demands from the FDA and other regulators. Whether you are starting a new business or scaling up an existing operation, our team of passionate process designers and systems engineers are at the ready to help you embrace the next generation of manufacturing technology.

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Focused Solutions

Unique problems demand impeccable infrastructure, and no matter what challenges you are facing in your post-processing supply chain we are confident we can empower you with the optimal solutions for your business. Our team combines the best available technologies in custom configurations to perfectly match your company’s working style while adapting to the specific attributes of your feed materials and target outputs.

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Feature Products

Systems at appropriate scale: whether your processing 150 or 5000 kilos a month, we can give you the combinations of products and training that your people need to get up and running quick and to create something you can be proud of. Here are a few of our star systems we have implemented with clients. With every installation we offer augmented solutions to recurring problems. Today and tomorrow, SciPhy Systems will be there to assure you always stay ahead of the competition.

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NEW: The Black Hole Cold Trap

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It is the heartbeat of our goal as a company take notice of problems in clients' and industry figure's operations and to come up with solutions that take them and areas of the industry forward.

Introducing The Black Hole Cold Trap

The Black Hole addresses problems associated with traditional “annular cold traps” (cold finger). Most cold traps are designed to protect the vacuum pump, and can substantially tax achievable throughput in process. The Black Hole can be used to protect your pump, or as a cryogenic condenser designed to capture volatile compounds that often pass thru a traditional cold trap. The vast majority of cold traps (and condensers) used have condensing surfaces that allow for condensate to freeze to the surface, greatly reducing performance. The Black Hole is a high conductance, low impedance cold trap specifically designed to overcome the failures of other cold traps on the market. The Black Hole has a specialized surface finish and topology that encourages condensation and draining of condensate, reducing chance of sticky frozen terps taxing traps performance.  


In-Line Two Stage TFE to SPE


Leading the way on scaled, integrated distillation solutions, our Stainless Steel TFE to SPD 2 pass wiped film evaporator skids are available in 0.1 m^2 and 0.2m^2 evaporator configurations. All of our units are custom fit to your needs.

Ethanol Recovery Batch Still

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Efficient recovery of ethanol from extract solution is a critical bottleneck for many businesses. We offer efficient and cost effective solutions for batch ethanol recovery down to ppm residual levels, with options to integrate additional degassing capabilities into the same vessels. Achieving the ideal balance of time efficiency, heat exposure, and cost effectiveness, our Vacuum Distillation Units and Falling Film Evaporators scale to suit your needs while minimizing your running cost of solvent.


Short Path Evaporators


Asahi's Short Path Evaporators are manufactured to the highest precision standards, granting the user consistent fine grain control for distillation processes. Ideal for separating aromatic oils from fats and lipids, the DN60 and DN100 SPE's are distillate dream machines, matching high through-put capacity of Japanese made glass with the dependability and control of Swiss manufactured magnetically coupled wiper assemblies.

Thin Film Evaporators


With world renowned precision of manufacturing and top of the line vacuum tolerance, this Asahi Thin Film Evaporator is ready to rip through batch evaporation at an incredible pace. This versatile Distillation Module is ideal for bulk solvent removal, purification, rectification, concentration and much more. When Japan and Switzerland combine forces, a magic happens like no other. Take your production capacity to the next level, contact us today to get a system configured to your needs.


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